Flame Boss 500 Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

If you’re an avid BBQ enthusiast, you know that maintaining a consistent temperature in your smoker is key to achieving mouthwatering, perfectly cooked meats. Fluctuating temperatures can lead to overcooked or undercooked food, ruining the hours of effort you put into preparing that delectable feast. That’s where the Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Temperature Control System comes in, promising to revolutionize your smoking experience and take your BBQ game to a whole new level.

A Flame Boss 500 box on the side table of my Kamado Joe Grill.

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I personally love my Flame Boss 500. I bought my husband our Kamado Big Joe III one year after he’d been eyeing them for years! In return, he bought me the Flame Boss 500 for Christmas. While some wives might be upset getting a kitchen gadget for Christmas, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to try it out with some of my favorite Kamado Joe recipes! The Flame Boss is on my list of essential Kamado Joe Accessories!

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Easy Setup and Intuitive Design

One of the first things that impresses users about the Flame Boss 500 is its straightforward setup process. The package includes everything you need to get started, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Within minutes, you can have the device connected to your smoker and be ready to monitor and control the temperature remotely through the companion smartphone app.

The Flame Boss fan hooked up to the bottom vent of my Kamado Joe Grill.

Many users appreciate the straightforward setup process, allowing them to quickly get started and start enjoying the benefits of the temperature control system without much hassle.

The control unit itself is well-designed and user-friendly. It features a large, easy-to-read display that provides real-time temperature updates, and the responsive buttons make it a breeze to adjust settings on the fly. The inclusion of WiFi connectivity is a game-changer, allowing you to keep an eye on your smoker and make adjustments from anywhere with an internet connection.

Precise Temperature Control

The Flame Boss 500 boasts exceptional temperature control capabilities. Its advanced algorithm works diligently to keep the smoker’s temperature within a narrow range, eliminating wild fluctuations and maintaining a steady environment for your meat to cook evenly and thoroughly.

Numerous reviews highlight the system’s ability to maintain a stable temperature throughout the smoking process, ensuring perfectly cooked meats every time.

Whether you’re slow-cooking a brisket for hours, smoking a delicious meatloaf ,cooking a batch of over the top chili like in the image below, or searing steaks at high heat, this controller has you covered.

The bacon wrapped meatball for delicious over the top chili over the chili pot on the Kamado Joe Grill.

Versatility and Adaptability

One of the standout features of the Flame Boss 500 is its adaptability to various smoker types, including ceramic, metal, and even Kamado-style grills. I use it specifically on my Kamado Big Joe III. This means that no matter what type of smoker you prefer, this temperature control system is likely to be compatible. Additionally, the system can accommodate up to three meat probes, allowing you to monitor multiple cuts of meat simultaneously.

Users have praised the Flame Boss 500 for its compatibility with various smoker types, including ceramic and metal smokers, as well as Kamado-style grills.

The multiple meat probe feature has been a great set up for me. With a large family and lots of extended family, we love to host and often smoke 2-3 pork butts for a gathering. Being able to monitor each is a great feature. It also works great on briskets as you can monitor both the flat and the point.

4 pork butts on the Kamado Joe grill with Flame Boss 500 multiple meat probes.

Companion Mobile App

The accompanying mobile app for the Flame Boss 500 is a true game-changer. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app lets you remotely monitor and control the smoker’s temperature from anywhere with an internet connection. This freedom allows you to step away from the grill without fear of losing control over the cooking process. You can even set up alerts to notify you if the temperature goes out of your desired range or when your meat reaches the perfect internal temperature.

The mobile app’s remote monitoring and control feature is widely celebrated, giving users the freedom to step away from the smoker while still having control over the cooking process.

The command center of the Flame Boss 500 on the side table of my Kamado Joe Grill.

This is one of my favorite features of the Flame Boss 500. Although we live in Minnesota, we do grill year round in sometimes below zero temperatures! Being able to check the temperature of my grill in the middle of a freezing cold night, without stepping outside is amazing!

It’s also fun when you get a text from the grill saying, “Meats Done! Let’s Eat!”

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Taking a look at customer reviews on Amazon, the Flame Boss 500 has garnered widespread praise. Users have expressed their delight in achieving consistent and delicious results with minimal effort. The excellent customer support provided by Flame Boss also receives accolades from satisfied customers, who appreciate the prompt and helpful responses to any queries or issues they encounter.

Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the responsive and helpful customer support provided by Flame Boss, which has promptly addressed any inquiries or issues.

While I’ve never personally had to contact support for my Flame Boss, I love that there are good reviews of the support from other users.

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User Experience Cons for Flame Boss 500

While I’ve highlighted the positive reviews above with each aspect I love about the Flame Boss 500, below are a few of the cons to the Flame Boss based on customer reviews.

  1. Connectivity Issues: Some users have reported occasional connectivity problems with the WiFi feature, leading to temporary disconnection from the mobile app. However, this appears to be a minority issue. I’ve only experienced a connectivity issue when I need to update my software.
  2. Learning Curve: A few reviewers mentioned that it took some time to fully understand and utilize all the features of the control unit and app. However, most users found the learning process to be relatively easy as did I.
  3. Price: While the majority of users find the Flame Boss 500 to be a valuable investment, a small number of customers felt that the price point was slightly high compared to other smoker temperature control systems on the market. The price point is a tad bit high in my opinion but it’s well worth the price and as I’ve had it for a few years now I believe it’s a solid investment as well.
  4. Battery Life: A couple of users mentioned that the control unit’s battery life could be improved, although using an external power source or rechargeable batteries helped mitigate this concern. I’ve always plugged mine in using an extension cord so never had this issue.
  5. Limited Device Compatibility: A few individuals expressed disappointment that the mobile app was not available for certain less common operating systems, limiting their ability to use the remote control feature.
  6. Lack of Weatherproofing: Some users wished that the control unit had better weatherproofing capabilities to protect it from rain or extreme outdoor conditions. I’ve never had an issue due to cold weather or heat, however, I do try to cover the control unit with a bucket or container if I’m expecting rain of any sort.

Please note that the overall user experience for the Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Temperature Control System remains highly positive, with the majority of users finding it to be an indispensable tool for achieving consistent and delicious results during their BBQ sessions. The mentioned cons are relatively minor and have not significantly impacted the system’s overall performance and user satisfaction nor have I had any negative experiences using my Flame Boss!

Flame Boss 500 Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Temperature Control System lives up to its promises, delivering precise temperature control and unmatched convenience for BBQ enthusiasts. Its easy setup, versatility, and seamless smartphone integration make it an invaluable tool for anyone passionate about smoking meats.

If you’re looking to elevate your BBQ game and ensure every cookout is a success, the Flame Boss 500 is a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re a seasoned pit master or a novice griller, this temperature control system will undoubtedly enhance your smoking experience and help you create unforgettable, mouthwatering dishes for family and friends.

There are plenty of other reviews on the Flame Boss 500 for you to check out as well such as this one by Smoking Meat Geeks.

So, fire up your smoker, connect it to the Flame Boss 500, and get ready to enjoy perfectly smoked meats without the stress and guesswork. Happy grilling!

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