Delicious Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

This Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade recipe is a refreshing twist on a summertime classic. This limoncello-spiked strawberry lemonade is not only delicious but simple to make!

Strawberry limoncello lemonade in a tall glass garnished with a fresh strawberry and a straw.

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I love a cool refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, especially after a long day of yard work or playing outside with the kids. Limoncello strawberry lemonade hits all the right notes with its bright lemon flavor combined with delicious and colorful strawberries!

This strawberry lemon cocktail just hits the spot on a hot summer’s day!

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What is Limoncello?

I love Limoncello and if you haven’t tried it you really should as it’s delicious alone! Adding it to this refreshing Limoncello strawberry lemonade just takes it to another level!

An Italian liqueur made from lemon zest, alcohol, sugar, and water, Limoncello is usually served chilled after a meal to aid digestion. Known for its bright yellow color it has a sweet, citrus, tart flavor and a smooth and refreshing taste.

You can find Limoncello in most local liqueur stores.

Looking down into a tall glass of Limoncello strawberry lemonade with fresh strawberries, ice and a paper straw.

Ingredients for Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade

Only 4 simple ingredients are needed to make this perfect spiked strawberry lemonade!

Lemonade – Grab a bottle of your favorite lemonade from the grocery store or go all out and make your own favorite homemade lemonade! I like to use Simply Lemonade from the store to keep this simple!

Limoncello – You can find bottles of Limoncello at your local liqueur store.

Limoncello lemonade ingredients including a bottle of Simply lemonade and a small bottle of limoncello.

Strawberries – Fresh strawberries are required for this recipe! 

Ice – To keep your drink nice and chilled!

How to Make Strawberry Limoncello Lemonade

Slice about 4 fresh strawberries being sure to keep one or two for a garnish!

Fresh sliced strawberries for strawberry lemonade.

Place your ice and strawberries in a tall glass. I like to muddle my strawberries a bit with a spoon and ice. To muddle the strawberries, lightly press them against the sides of the glass to release some of the strawberry juices.

Fresh sliced strawberries in a tall glass with lemonade.

Pour the Limoncello over the strawberries and ice, followed by the lemonade, and stir to combine.

A tall glass of strawberry limoncello lemonade garnished with a fresh strawberry.

Garnish with a fresh strawberry and add a straw! Enjoy!


There are a few variations of this recipe you can try! 

  • Limoncello Strawberry Limeade – substitute limeade in place of the lemonade
  • Limoncello Raspberry Lemonade – Use raspberries instead of strawberries
  • Strawberry Basil Limoncello Lemonade – Add a few fresh basil leaves to create a delicious twist
  • Pink Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade – Want a pink-colored drink? See if you can find some pink Limoncello and use pink lemonade as well!
Side view of limoncello strawberry lemonade on a gray and white stripped napkin with straw

Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade

By: April
This Limoncello Strawberry Lemonade recipe is a refreshing twist on a summertime classic. This limoncello-spiked strawberry lemonade is not only delicious but simple to make!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1 serving
Calories 329 kcal


  • 2 cups lemonade
  • 1 oz Limoncello
  • 5 Strawberries
  • Ice


  • Slice the strawberries reserving one strawberry for garnishing.
  • Place the ice and the sliced strawberries into a tall glass. Muddle the strawberries a bit, if desired.
  • Pour in limoncello followed by lemonade. Stir.
  • Garnish with a fresh strawberry and add a straw! Enjoy!
Nutrition 329 kcal
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A tall glass of limoncello strawberry lemonade garnished with a fresh strawberry and a paper straw on a striped napkin.


Can I double this recipe?

Absolutely, double or triple this recipe to make as many servings as you need! It’s an excellent addition to a summer barbecue!

Can I make a frozen Limoncello strawberry lemonade?

Yes, this makes a great Limoncello strawberry lemonade slush! Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until fully combined! You may need to adjust the ice to get the right consistency so start with a little bit and add as you go.

Can I make this ahead of time?

I love recipes you can make ahead of time so whip this up in the morning before heading out for the day and come home to a refreshing drink! Alternatively, it’s excellent for summer parties so make a pitcher and keep it in the fridge for your guests!

How do I make homemade lemonade?

Homemade lemonade is the best way to go obviously! Here’s a quick recipe – 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar, 6 cups of water, and ice. Mix the sugar and fresh lemon juice in a large pitcher until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add the water and mix well. Add the ice and keep chilled!


If you love spiked drinks such as this spiked strawberry lemonade, try my sangria recipes, more hard lemonade recipes, or check out my collection of wine cocktails! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a refreshing mocktail try this Strawberry Mojito Mocktail!

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