13 of the Best Deviled Egg Recipes

There’s nothing really devilish about deviled eggs, but they certainly are delicious! Here are a few deviled egg recipes to try at your next party!

A creamy egg yolk filling stuffed into a hard-boiled egg white shell, deviled eggs make the perfect side dish for Easter, barbecues, and picnics!

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What are Deviled Eggs?

Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs, cut in half with their yolks removed. The yolks are mixed with a variety of ingredients, including mayonnaise, mustard, Miracle Whip, salt, pepper, and/or other seasonings. The yolk mixture is then spooned or piped back into the hollow hard-boiled egg yolk! These cream bite-sized treats are a staple at picnics and gatherings and are popular in many cultures. Using a piping bag to fill the eggs makes them look beautiful and fancy for any occasion.

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But why are they called deviled eggs? While the origin of the name deviled eggs is unclear, it is believed to have derived from the process of deviling food, an expression once used to describe the process of adding various ingredients, such as mustard, pepper, and vinegar, to food to make it spicy or hot, similar to how food is said to have been “deviled” in the 18th and 19th centuries.

To serve deviled eggs, arrange them on a lettuce-lined plate or grab a deviled egg tray too! Garnish with olives, herbs, and parsley!

Deviled Egg Recipes

Try some of these fun and delicious twists on an old classic recipe at your next party or potluck!

Parmesan Truffle Deviled Eggs
Parmesan Truffle Deviled Eggs
Parmesan truffle deviled eggs are an easy gourmet twist on traditional deviled eggs! These are the unique, fancy appetizers you need for your next holiday gathering.
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Avocado Ranch Deviled Eggs
Avocado Ranch Deviled Eggs
Avocado Ranch Deviled Eggs are a modern twist on a classic recipe and they only require 4 ingredients!
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Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs
Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs
These Delicious Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs are a Spiced up version of a Classic Party Appetizer. All the great flavors of a Bloody Mary but in a Deviled Egg!
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Deviled Eggs
Healthy Keto Deviled Eggs
If you love deviled eggs but looking for a healthier way to prepare them, you’re in luck! These tasty deviled eggs have tahini instead of mayo which not only makes them better for you, but also gives them a delicious Mediterranean twist!
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Bacon Deviled Eggs
Best Deviled Eggs with Bacon & Green Onions
Bacon Deviled Eggs have all the great savory, creamy taste of the potluck classic but get boosted to the next level with crispy bacon and fresh green onions.
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Christmas deviled eggs
Christmas Deviled Eggs – Holiday Appetizer
Add some festive flair to your holiday spread with these Christmas deviled eggs. With fresh herbs, zesty lemon, and garlic-infused filling they are are sure to impress your guests
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Kimchi Deviled Eggs
Spicy Kimchi Deviled Eggs (Whole30)
A classic, hard boiled eggs recipe with a tangy twist! These whole30 deviled eggs are made with flavorful kimchi and cayenne pepper to make a fiery, gut-boosting appetizer.
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deviled eggs without mayo
Deviled Eggs Without Mayo
These deviled eggs are made without the traditional mayo but still deliver all the flavor!
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deviled eggs ginger
Ginger Chili Deviled Eggs
With just a hint of sweet heat, these delectable Ginger Chili Deviled Eggs are perfect for any gathering. Use our easy garnish ideas to have them party-ready in minutes!
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Deviled eggs without vinegarr
Deviled Eggs Without Vinegar
Not a fan of vinegar? Try these deviled eggs without any vinegar or pickle relish!
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Grown Up Deviled Eggs plated
Grown-Up Deviled Eggs – The Healthy Epicurean
Simple deviled eggs with a grown-up kick made with whole grain mustard, a dab of horseradish and toppings galore.
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Southern Deviled Eggs with relish
Southern Deviled Eggs (with Relish)
These Deviled Eggs are a slight twist on your traditional recipe but made with relish and pickle juice! An inexpensive but filling appetizer that can be made ahead and is perfect for the spring or summer time!
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13 of the Best Deviled Egg Recipes
Air Fryer Deviled Eggs
A classic side dish, these Air Fryer Deviled Eggs are fantastic with any meal! Perfectly cooked eggs with a creamy, tangy filling make a delightful snack, appetizer, or side dish.
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How to hard-boil eggs?

To hard-boil eggs on the stove, simply place your eggs in a single layer in the bottom of a saucepan. Add enough water to cover the eggs by about 1 inch. Add a pinch of baking soda to make them easier to peel. Place the saucepan over high heat and bring it to a boil. Once the water is boiling, cover and remove from the heat. Let the eggs sit for 9–12 minutes and then remove the eggs to a cold water bath for a few minutes. To peel, gently tap the egg on a hard surface and remove the peel.
Personally, I love using my Dash Egg Cooker to make hard-boiled eggs!

How to hard-boil eggs in an air fryer?

To hard-boil eggs in an air fryer, place your eggs in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Set your air fryer to 400° F and the timer for 12 minutes. Once the timer goes off, transfer the eggs to a cold water bath for a few minutes. Peel gently by tapping the egg on a hard surface and gently removing the peel.

Can I make deviled eggs ahead of time?

Yes, if you have a party or potluck coming up you can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge until ready to serve.


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