31 of the Best Charcuterie Board Ideas

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days with parties and gatherings or even just for fun at home with family! I often make a fun kid-friendly charcuterie for my kids for lunch and they love it! However, if you’re looking for something a little fancier than chicken nuggets and cheese bites, check out this amazing list of the best charcuterie ideas!

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What Exactly are Charcuterie Boards?

Charcuterie comes from the French word chair for meat and cuit for cooked. Put together these two French words and you get cooked meat, which is exactly what charcuterie is. Charcuterie boards feature a selection of meats surrounded by other tasty treats chosen to accompany and enhance the meats such as nuts, fruits, dips, crackers, and cheese.

The difference between a charcuterie board and a cheese board is the meats are the highlight of the board, whereas a cheese board would highlight the cheese and have additional items to enhance the selection of cheese.

However, for most people, charcuterie and cheese board have become interchangeable! Charcuterie just sounds so much fancier!

31 of the Best Charcuterie Board Ideas

Do I need an Charcuterie Board specifically?

No you don’t necessarily need a charcuterie board to make one! Use any large serving platter you have to make a nice charcuterie board! Add some tiny bowls and pile your items on!

However, if you want to purchase one there are a couple of options! Etsy has a great selection of charcuterie boards and accessories!

Amazon also have a nice selection of charcuterie boards and accessories!

The one pictured below I actually purchased from a local wood worker and the little bowls were from Amazon!

Everyday Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are a great everyday snack, meal, or addition to your next gathering!

Taco Charcuterie Board Featured Image.
Taco Charcuterie Board
A taco charcuterie board is the perfect solution for busy families on Taco Tuesday!
Get the Recipe
Keto Charcuterie Board
Easy Keto Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie for those following a Keto diet!
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Trader Joe's Charcuterie Board
Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board
Check out this amazing board featuring items from Trader Joe's!
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Gluten Free Charcuterie Board
Gluten Free Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie boards are perfect for every diet including Gluten Free!
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Charcuterie Board 3
Simple Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie boards don't have to be complicated! Check out this simple charcuterie board for inspiration!
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Christmas & Winter Charcuterie Boards

Check out these festive and fun Christmas charcuterie boards! And a few simply for the winter season!

Dessert Christmas Charcuterie Board
Christmas Dessert Board (10 Minutes)
Make a fun festive dessert in 10 minutes! Yes, please!
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Christmas Charcuterie Board
Christmas Charcuterie Board
This board just screams Christmas!
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Winter Charcuterie Board
Winter Meat and Cheese Board Step-by-Step + Video!
I love how this has all the flavors I associate with winter!
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Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board 6
Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board
Are you looking for something fun for your Christmas holiday gathering? Check out this adorable Christmas tree charcuterie board.
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Christmas Charcuterie Board 2
Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board
Christmas-themed Dessert Charcuterie – yes, please!
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Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board
How to Make a Christmas Charcuterie Board
Fun, festive, and delicious!
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Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board 3
Delicious Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board to Make for the Holidays
How adorable is this Christmas tree charcuterie board?
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Christmas Wreath Charcuterie Board
EASY Christmas Wreath Cheese Board Charcuterie
Looking for something a little different – How about a Wreath Charcuterie board for your holiday gathering?
Get the Recipe

Charcuterie Boards Perfect for Fall

Whether is a Fall Festival, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, a charcuterie board is a perfect appetizer for your gathering!

Jack-O-Lantern Charcuterie Board
Jack O Lantern Charcuterie Board
Perfecto for your Halloween Party!
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Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board
Halloween Charcuterie Board
Scary, fun, and delicious! Check out this awesome Halloween Charcuterie Board!
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Fall Charcuterie Boards
Epic Fall Charcuterie Board
Add some fun Fall touches and create a beautiful harvest-inspired Fall Charcuterie board.
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Charcuterie Board 2
Autumn Cheese Board (Vegetarian)
This vegetarian charcuterie board is perfect for Fall!
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Fall Charcuterie Board
Fall Meat and Cheese Board Step-by-Step
All the best flavors of Fall on a charcuterie board!
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Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
All the flavors for Thanksgiving dinner on a charcuterie board!
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Spring & Summer Charcuterie Boards

Grab a glass of your favorite wine and create a beautiful summer charcuterie board for poolside, at the lake, or at your backyard barbeque!

Charcuterie Board 1
Colorful Spring Cheese Board
Bright and colorful – this charcuterie board is the perfect Spring time snack!
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Easter Charcuterie Board
Easter Charcuterie Board
Simplify your Easter morning with this adorable Easter Charcuterie Board!
Read More
Charcuterie Board
Game Day Snack Board
Pull out all the stops for Game Day with this Game Day Charcuterie Board
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Summer Charcuterie Board
Summer Meat and Cheese Board
Summer time flavors abound in this adorable Summer Charcuterie board.
Get the Recipe
Perfect Summer Charcuterie Board
The Perfect Summer Charcuterie Board
Of course, we need great summer snacks! Check out this summer-themed charcuterie board!
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Kid Friendly

I love making Charcuterie boards for my kids for lunch and dinner! Try these kid-friendly charcuterie boards and keep it simple!

Shark Themed Charcuterie Board
Shark Week Snacks – Shark-cuterie Board
How fun is this for Shark Week?
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Kids Charcuterie Board
EASY Kids Charcuterie Board (For Parties)
Kid's charcuterie boards are perfect for crowds and parties!
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Kid Friendly Snow Day Charcuterie Board
How to Make a Kid-Friendly Snow Day Charcuterie Board
Try this fun kids' Snow Day themed charcuterie board for lunch or snack time!
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Dessert Charcuterie Boards

Who says you can't have sweets on a charcuterie board? I love the idea of these dessert-themed charcuterie boards!

Dessert Charcuterie Board
Dessert Charcuterie Board
I don't know about you but a dessert charcuterie board is perfect for any time!
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Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

Why stop at appetizers, desserts, and holidays? Serve breakfast on a charcuterie board and your kids and family will love you!

Breakfast Charcuterie Board 2
Easy Breakfast Charcuterie Board
Who said charcuterie wasn't for breakfast? Try this amazing charcuterie board for brunch!
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Breakfast Waffle Charcuterie Board
Breakfast Waffle Charcuterie Board
Waffles and more waffles! Plus all the best toppings to choose from!
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Breakfast Charcuterie Board
Easy Breakfast Grazing Board (Charcuterie)
Keep it simple for breakfast with all your favorite on a charcuterie board!
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Do you like making charcuterie? What’s your favorite theme or item to have on your board?

Looking for a great drink to go with your Charcuterie? Check out my Basic Wine Sangria Recipe or this collection of the best wine cocktails!

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14 thoughts on “31 of the Best Charcuterie Board Ideas”

  1. Charcuterie boards are fairly new to me. I learn about them by reading other blogs. These are some great food board ideas. They seem perfect for a party or family get-together. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These charcuterie boards are amazing. I’m so inspired for putting one together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Not all of mine look pretty either! Especially when I have littles helping! But charcuterie doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious! 🙂

  3. These are absolutely great ideas, we a charcuterie board lovers though never though of a breakfast one… but will be trying it this Christmas thank you…

  4. I’m veggie so the meat ones aren’t for me, but I love the dessert boards! The breakfast grazing board and Christmas themed desserts look delicious x

  5. I love these boards! And I always wanted to try to make a such board for a family party. I`ll try to do it this Christmas. Thank you for inspiration!

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