22 Easy Valentine Boxes for Kids

It’s almost that time of year again when class Valentine’s Day parties are coming up! From Valentine’s Day cards to be exchanged and the adorable Valentine boxes to put those cards in plus treats, it’s a day full of candied hearts, crafts, and treats!

When my older boys were little, I dreaded Valentine’s Day class parties! Making the Valentine boxes, finding the cutest cards, and getting class treats for the party – times 2 – kept me crazy busy. Now the twins are of the age where Valentine’s Day parties are the thing and our homeschool co-op has a fantastic party for the kids every year so I’m once again making Valentine boxes.

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22 Easy Valentine Boxes for Kids

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Valentine Boxes Round-Up

Scouring the internet for easy Valentine boxes was a chore, so I rounded up some of my favorite easy Valentine boxes to share with you!

Unicorn Valentines Day Box
DIY Unicorn Valentine Box with Free Printable!
Make an adorable Unicorn Valentines box by recovering a Dollar store box and a cutting machine!
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Dinosaur Valentines Box
Easy DIY Dinosaur Valentines Box That’s Dino-Mite (Dino Valentine Box)
This Dinosaur Valentines Box is perfect for a dino-mite celebration. It’s made with cereal boxes! If we were still doing our Dinosaur Unit Study, we'd definitely be making this one!
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Pokemon Valentines Day Box
DIY Pok�mon Pikachu Valentines Box
This Pikachu Valentines Box is great for beginners! Gotta catch all the valentines.
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Bluey Valentines Day Box
Disney Junior Bluey Valentines Box For Kids
Do your kids love Disney Junior? Check out this Bluey Valentines Box! Just print the PDF, cut shapes, and glue.
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Valentines Day Box
Easy Valentine’s Day Box
This Valentine's box is ready to make with the kids! Exchanging cards and small treats is easy with this simple box!
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Baby Yoda Valentine Box
Baby Yoda Valentine Box
If you have a Baby Yoda fan in the house, this Valentine's Box is perfect!
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Easy Valentines Day Box
Easy Valentine Mailboxes
I love this fun twist on a Valentine's Day Box! Plus it's super simple!
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Taco Valentines Day Box
Taco Valentine Card Box
Taco about adorable! Everyone loves tacos right?
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Monster Valentine's Day Box
Valentine’s Day Box Idea
Can't find a shoe box? No worries, try this tissue box Valentine's Day Box!
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Minion Valentines Day Box
Minion Valentine’s Day Box
Adorable Minion Valentine's Day Box for the Minion fans!
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Mickey and Minnie Valentines Day Box
DIY: Celebrating a Disney-Inspired Valentine’s Day
Mickey and Minnie-inspired Valentine's Day Boxes are perfect for Disney fans!
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Star Wars Darth vader Valentine Box
Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Box – Foster2Forever
I've got a couple of Star Wars fans around here so this one is perfect for my boys!
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Ninja Valentine Day Box
Ninja Valentine Box
Lego Ninja is huge in my house right now so these would definitely be a winner!
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Minecraft Valentines Day Box
Easy Minecraft Creeper Head Valentine’s Day Box and List of Free Valentines Printables
Minecraft is another favorite around here so I know these would be a winner with any Minecraft Fan for their Valentine's Day Box!
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Lego Valentine Box
Lego Brick {Inspired} Valentine Box for Kids
Keep things super simple with a Lego-themed Valentine Box for your kids!
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R2D2 Valentine Box
R2D2 Valentine Box – Perfect Valentine Box for Kids
Another great Valentine's Box for the Star Wars fans!
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Create a Happy Camper Valentine Card Box!
This one might be a bit more complicated but I had to include it as one of my kids is super into campers!
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Robot Valentine Box and Fueling Creativity in Kids
I love this simple Robot Valentine's box. You can easily customize it with things you have around the house!
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DIY Pom-Pom Heart Valentines Box
This super simple and heart-themed Valentine's Day box is simply adorable!
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DIY Monster Valentine Box
Create this adorable monster Valentine's Day box and let him chomp all the treats and cards!
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Lego Valentine's Day Box
Lego Valentine Box
No boxes, glue, or paper are required here! Challenge your kids to build a Valentine's Box out of legos!
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Princess Valentine's Day Box
How To Make A Princess Castle Valentine Box
Make your own princess castle valentines box using materials you already have at home.
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Check out my Valentine’s Pinterest board for even more ideas! Do you make your children Valentine boxes?

22 Easy Valentine Boxes for Kids

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more information please read my full affiliate disclosure.

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This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more information please read my full affiliate disclosure.

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