13 Best Star Wars Recipes

With 4 boys running around my home, Star Wars has been a theme that remains consistent! We love pairing food with movie nights so I rounded up some of the top Star Wars recipes to make at home.

Star Wars Recipes - a long time ago,IN a galaxy far, far away...these recipes were created

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My youngest son is currently going through what I refer to as the Star Wars phase. He watches all the Star Wars movies, listens to the soundtrack, and he even listened to the audiobook of Who is George Lucas. He also loves to cook so I wanted to find some fun Star Wars recipes to make with him!

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan or you are one yourself check out these amazing Star Wars recipes including treats, drinks, appetizers and more! Plus they’re perfect May the Fourth recipes or for a Star Wars-themed birthday party!

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13 Best Star Wars Recipes
Chewbacca Rice Krispie Treats
Chewbacca Rice Krispie Treats are a cocoa rice cereal with marshmallows, decorated like your favorite Star Wars character. A perfect May the 4th dessert recipe for a Mandalorian space party.
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Baby Yoda Cupcakes
Baby Yoda Cupcakes
These Baby Yoda Cupcakes are a fun Star Wars-themed dessert! A space alien cupcake favorite for Mandalorian fans and fandom.
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Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs
Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs
Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs are a fun vegetarian, gluten free, and keto low carb recipe for watching your favorite Star Wars movie or TV. A fun fandom recipe.
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Frosted Baby Yoda Cookies
Baby Yoda Cookies
For an extra cute Star Wars treat, make these Baby Yoda Cookies aka Grogu! Start with an angel cookie cutter to make these adorable treats.
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Disney Yoda Brownies
Star Wars Yoda Brownies
The force is strong with these Grogu brownies. Easy to make and almost too fun to eat, your family will love these chocolate treats!
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Taooine Sunset Drink
Tatooine Sunset
Tatooine sunset is loaded with strawberries and melon with lemonade and tea.
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Disney Bantha Shake
Star Wars Bantha Blue Milk Cocktail
Make it boozy or non-alcoholic for younger Star Wars fans—this Blue Bantha shake is just what you need for a cool, creamy treat this summer and all year round!
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Star Wars Charcuterie Board
Star Wars Snacks Board for May the 4th
A fun Star Wars snacks board to celebrate May the 4th! It features lightsaber pretzels, Chewbacca cookies, and X-wing-shaped pigs in a blanket.
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Star Wars Gummies
Star Wars Homemade Gummies
These fun Star Wars Gummies are easy to make and a hit with Star Wars fans! They are also a great way to do kitchen science with the kids.
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light saber pretzel rods
Star Wars Party Food Light Saber Pretzel Rods
If your looking for a fantastic Star Wars party food idea then these light saber pretzel rods may be the perfect solution!
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Jabba Juice
Jabba Juice – Star Wars Party Drink
This green Jabba the Hutt Juice will be the perfect addition to a Star Wars party or any other time your family wants a fun drink. It is easy to make and fun to drink!
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Galaxy Ice Cream
Galaxy Ice Cream
This no churn galaxy ice cream with sprinkles is fun and delicious. With 'space' flavoring it's an inter galactic experience that's perfect for Star Wars fans!
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Galaxy Cupcakes
Galaxy Cupcakes Recipe
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Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply someone who loves good food, this Star Wars recipe collection is sure to satisfy your cravings. From blue milk to Wookiee cookies and everything in between, these recipes are easy to follow and perfect for any occasion. So why not gather some friends, pop in a movie, and whip up some delicious treats from a galaxy far, far away? May the force be with you!

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