13 Recipes for Thinly Sliced Chicken Breasts

Recipes for thinly sliced chicken breasts are some of the best weeknight meals to add to your weekly meal plan! Here you’ll find some of the best, most flavorful and easy thin sliced chicken breast recipes to try!

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Whiile I love my Rosemary Skillet Chicken and making Curry Chicken Delight, I’m always looking for quick and easy weeknight meals and these recipes for thinly sliced chicken breasts hit all the key points – delicious, easy, and quick!

What are Thinly Sliced Chicken Breasts?

Thinly sliced chicken breasts are like the superheroes of the chicken world, and they can be a game-changer in your kitchen.

Picture a regular chicken breast, right? Well, now imagine it sliced into thin, delicate pieces. These slices are usually about a quarter of an inch thick, or even thinner, depending on your preference. It’s like having chicken that’s been turned into delicate sheets of deliciousness.

Thinly sliced chicken breasts are incredibly versatile. They cook up super fast because of their size, making them perfect for quick weeknight dinners or when you’re in a hurry to get food on the table. Because they’re so thin, they also tend to be tender and cook more evenly than a full chicken breast.

Crispy baked thin chicken breasts on a bamboo cutting board is one of the easiest recipes for thinly sliced chicken breasts.

There are a variety of recipes for thinly sliced chicken breasts, from stir-fries and salads to sandwiches and wraps. They’re a great choice when you want to infuse a burst of chicken flavor into a dish without having big, chunky pieces. Plus, they’re excellent for marinating since their thinness allows them to soak up all those delicious flavors in no time.

And here’s a fun fact: thinly sliced chicken breasts are often used in dishes like chicken piccata or chicken schnitzel, where they’re breaded and fried to golden perfection. The thin slices cook quickly, and you end up with a crispy, flavorful exterior and a juicy interior – making these recipes for thinly sliced chicken breasts a win-win!

So, the next time you see a recipe calling for thinly sliced chicken breasts or chicken cutlets, don’t fret. It’s not some fancy culinary term; it’s simply chicken breasts sliced thinly to make your cooking adventures easier, quicker, and even more delicious. Give them a try, and you’ll see just how handy they can be in your kitchen!

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Where to get Thinly Sliced Chicken Breasts?

You can sometimes find thinly sliced chicken breasts or chicken cutlets in your local grocery store meat department. However, if you can’t find them pre-packaged you have a couple of options.

My personal favorite is to ask the meat counter or butcher to cut chicken breasts in half or thirds for me. They’ll usually do this happily if you buy the store brand at no cost! I love this option and often ask my local grocery meat guys to cut a variety of things for me as it saves me so much time prepping meals!

Raw thinly sliced chicken breasts on a cutting board on a wooden table.

If you can’t buy them and your local meat counter won’t cut them, you can easily cut them at home by hand. Simply place a single chicken breast on a cutting board and using a sharp knife slice the chicken breast in half lengthwise. If you end up with some rather uneven chicken cutlets, you can pound them out to an even thickness. Here’s a great post on how to thinly cut chicken breasts.

Two air fryer breaded chicken cutlets on a white plate on a wooden counter.
Easy Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets
These air fryer chicken cutlets are crispy, delicious and easy to make. Serve them with your favorite side or as a sandwich.
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A white bowl filled with spinach artichoke chicken with a wooden spoon dishing up a serving.
One Pot Spinach Artichoke Chicken
This easy one pan chicken recipe has a creamy spinach artichoke sauce! With cream cheese, chicken stock, and chicken breast cutlets.
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A pan filled with easy chicken marsala a recipe made with thinly sliced chicken breasts and mushrooms garnished with fresh parsley.
Easy Chicken Marsala Recipe
Easy Chicken Marsala recipe using thinly sliced chicken breasts! This quick weeknight dinner can be on the table in about 30 minutes.
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Thin chicken breasts coated with a crispy breading baked and plated on a long rectangle white plate on a stripped napkin.
Crispy Baked Thin Chicken Breasts
Thin-Sliced Chicken Breasts with panko are crispy on the outside, flavorful and juicy on the inside, and oven-baked to perfection in about 20 minutes. Fast and easy recipe for busy weeknight dinners.
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A pressed chicken sandwich made with thinly sliced chicken breasts on a napkin.
Pressed Sandwich with Pesto & Chicken
This pressed chicken sandwich is enough to feed a crowd or prepare for a week's worth of lunches. Thinly sliced chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, pesto, and veggies come together for a droolworthy sandwich!
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A white plate with a fork filled with air fryer brushetta chicken including a fresh tomatoes and garlic!
Air Fryer Bruschetta Chicken
This air fryer bruschetta chicken cooks in under 10 minutes thanks to the use of thin sliced chicken breasts. It's bursting with the fresh flavors of tomato, basil, and balsamic!
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A white plate with chicken francese and fresh lemon slices with a spoon drizzling sauce over it.
Chicken Francese
Battered chicken breasts, pan-fried to golden-brown perfection, and topped with a buttery lemon sauce. Chicken Francese is an easy, unique Italian-American classic that makes a delicious meal!
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A large white plate full of honey sriracha chicken garnished with fresh scallions.
Air Fryer Honey Sriracha Chicken Recipe: So Easy and Delicious!
This air fryer honey sriracha chicken is ready in just 15 minutes thanks to quick cooking thin sliced chicken breasts. It's got a touch of sweet heat, and is bursting with flavor!
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A blue and green plate on a green and beige stripped napkin full of air fryer chicken parmesan.
Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan
Once you’ve made spicy air fryer chicken parmesan, you’ll never want to make it any other way! Juicy breaded chicken breasts air-fry to perfection in less than an hour.
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A white dish filled with creamy mustard chicken and a spoon.
Creamy Mustard Chicken Recipe
Creamy Mustard Chicken Recipe is a delicious skillet chicken dinner recipe that turns chicken breast into an easy 30 minute meal.
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A white dinner plate featuring a blackened thinly sliced chicken breast, dirty rice, coleslaw, and corn bread.
Blackened Chicken
Blackened Chicken is a spicy and flavorful main dish from Cajun country. Add simple sides like coleslaw and corn bread for a quick & easy dinner.
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A Corning Wear dish full of baked panko crusted thinly sliced chicken breasts.
Baked Panko Chicken
This thinly sliced Panko Breaded Chicken is oven baked and the perfect weeknight meal, ready in under 40 minutes.
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A white plate featuring chicken prosciutto! Yum!
Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken
This Chicken is sliced thinly and wrapped in prosciutto, then topped in a white wine sauce.
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Thin Chicken Breast Recipes Conclusion

I hope you found some great thinly sliced chicken breast recipes to add to your weekly meal plans! I love using thin chicken breast recipes for busy weeknights or when I just need to get dinner on the table in a hurry!

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