11 Herbal Homeschool Curriculum Resources

I’ve been on a natural medicine and remedy journey for a few years now. Slowly swapping out my more traditional medicine cabinet for a more natural one. I love the idea of teaching my kids about herbs, herbal remedies, and natural medicine in our homeschool. I’ve collected 11 herbal homeschool curriculum resources to share with you.

Why use a Herbal Homeschool Curriculum?

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If you are just starting your herbal journey, adding a herbal homeschool curriculum makes sense as you can learn alongside your children. This is absolutely my favorite way to teach my kids by learning with them. I’ve learned so much since we started homeschooling by following their interests and adding my own to our lesson plans. If you have a passion or interest in something, bring your children along for the ride!

If you are an experienced herbalist, then imparting your wisdom and knowledge to your children is, of course, important. Children are naturally curious and will follow your expertise.

While I frequently pull together my own resources for homeschool unit studies, as using herbs for healing is not something I am an expert in I prefer to find some resources to guide us through our study of herbalism and learn with my children.

Adding a herbal homeschool curriculum to your homeschool will help your children learn and understand the benefits, uses, and history of herbal remedies. As well as providing them with life skills and so much more!

Homeschool Curricula Digital Guides
Homeschool Curricula Digital Guides
All of Earthley Wellness' homeschool curricula offerings are in one downloadable bundle!
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Homestead Fall Fruit Digital Homeschool Curriculum
Learn to Homestead: Fall Fruit {Digital Download}
Learn all about homesteading with Fall Fruit in this digital downloadable curriculum.
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Learn to Homestead Respiratory Remedies
Learn to Homestead: Respiratory Remedies
Respiratory illnesses are so common in kids. Learn about respiratory illness remedies in this downloadable pack.
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Learn to Homestead: Wild Berries {Digital Download}
Add homesteading with wild berries to your homeschool curriculum and learn about the benefits of wild berries.
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Herbal Flash Cards
Herbal Flashcards {Digital Download}
Test your herbal knowledge with these beautiful herbal flashcards!
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With the Skill of Natural Medicine
With the Skills of | Natural Medicine (Full Digital Unit)
A full digital curriculum for all ages to learn all about natural medicine! This is family-style learning so perfect for all ages.
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Vintage Little Girl Art Collage
Wild Herbs & Flowers, Healing – Homeschool Study Unit
Grab this homeschool unit study and learn about wild herbs, flowers, and their healing powers!
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Girl crushing herbs
“Little Sprout’s Budding Herbalist
A fun course for your little one to learn about herbs and gain valuable herbal knowledge through hands-on learning.
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Real Food Real Nutrition Cover
Real Food, Real Nutrition: A Healthy Nutrition Curriculum {Digital Download}
I digital download to help teach your children about the benefits of real food and real nutrition.
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Intro to Herbalism
Introduction to Herbalism {Digital Download}
A basic introduction to herbalism. Perfect for the beginner!
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11 Herbal Homeschool Curriculum Resources
The Green Family Book 1 Bundle
This is a great quick unit study that comes with a fun read-aloud book plus an activity booklet for teaching kids how The Green Family handles the sniffles!
Read More


I hope you find a great resource to add to your homeschool to learn about herbal remedies and herbs!

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You can check out my other homeschool resources and ideas here or on my Homeschool Pinterest Board! Do you have a favorite herbal homeschool curriculum?

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This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more information please read my full affiliate disclosure.

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